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CERTIFIED - Physical Education

Spartanburg, SC, USA

Job Type

Full-Time; Exempt

About the Role

Fine Arts Preparatory School holds high standards for professionalism and scholarship. Physical Education Instructors are responsible for the instruction of content material for students. Physical Education Instructors specialize in handling and teaching learners as they prepare for real life, colleges, and careers. Physical Education Instructors must possess a repertoire of instructional skills to create an atmosphere that inspires learning and target instruction to support students in progressing toward key learning outcomes. Physical Education Instructors play a vital role in promoting the physical well-being and healthy lifestyles of students. Their work contributes to students' physical fitness, motor skill development, and overall understanding of the importance of maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle throughout their lives.

Physical Education Instructors will be required to Develop and implement a comprehensive physical education curriculum that aligns with state and national standards, including creating lesson plans and instructional materials. Conduct physical education classes, teaching students various physical activities, sports, and fitness exercises while emphasizing proper techniques and safety measures. Assess students' physical abilities, progress, and participation, and provide feedback to students and parents on their performance and areas for improvement.

Administer fitness tests to evaluate students' physical fitness levels and track their progress over time. Educate students on the importance of physical fitness, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle choices, including the effects of exercise on overall health. Ensure the safety of students during physical education activities by enforcing rules and guidelines and maintaining first-aid and safety equipment.

Maintain and organize sports equipment, gymnasium facilities, and other resources used for physical education classes. Adapt lessons and activities to accommodate students with varying abilities, including those with disabilities, to ensure equitable participation. Manage classroom behavior, promote a positive and respectful learning environment, and address disciplinary issues as necessary. Organize and supervise extracurricular sports teams, clubs, or events, encouraging student participation and sportsmanship.

Maintain open communication with parents and guardians, providing regular updates on students' progress and participation in physical education classes. Be prepared to respond to medical emergencies during physical education activities and administer basic first aid as needed.


  • Knowledge of physical fitness, exercise physiology, sports rules, and safety practices.

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills to engage with students, parents, and colleagues effectively.

  • Patience, enthusiasm, and the ability to motivate and inspire students to lead active and healthy lives.

  • Organizational skills for lesson planning, equipment management, and record-keeping.

  • CPR and first-aid certification may be required.

  • Understanding of inclusion and adaptive physical education practices.

  • Physical demands may include participating in physical activities alongside students.

  • Work with students of various age groups, from pre-kindergarten to high school.

  • Remain centered on the school's mission and vision.

  • Perform all other duties as assigned by supervisor.

About the Company

Fine Arts Preparatory School is an arts-infused public charter school located in the heart of the piedmont of South Carolina. Starting in Kindergarten, the school allows matriculation through high school, offering programming that leads to a South Carolina high school diploma. The school supports and develop people prepared to be productive college and career-ready citizens from early childhood.

We are established as a full-service community hub collaborating to build harmony, equality, and well-being. We believe that the visual and performing arts paired with nature play and experiential learning will cultivate creative, innovative, and resilient people prepared to tackle college and careers alongside real-life issues. Fine Arts Preparatory School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.

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