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First Day of School
26 August 2024

Fine Arts Preparatory School is nonsectarian in its programming, admission policies, and operations and admits all eligible students residing in South Carolina, subject to space limitations and in compliance with all federal and state laws; and constitutional provisions prohibiting discrimination on the basis of disability, race, creed, color, gender, national origin, religion, ancestry, or need for special education services – there is no administered assessment to determine eligibility.​

Open Enrollment

Enroll Today!

Public Charter Schools are required by law to have open enrollment. Open enrollments mean that no student may be turned away who resides in the state of South Carolina - there are no entrance requirements, placement questions, examinations, or financial responsibilities.

If there are more student applications than space or staffing, the school must conduct a public lottery.


For families interested in our school, we regularly schedule interest meetings and host open house events. School tours are available by appointment with our Enrollment Coordinator. If you are interested in our school and have questions, please contact our Enrollment Office. 

Lotterease Seal .png

Please be advised we will be using a third-party system, Lotterease, to run our enrollment lottery for transparency and fairness. Since Lotterease is an independent system, the school staff do not have the ability to manipulate or adjust the lottery outcome.  In addition, all activity that takes place with your application is tracked in a history log that you can view at any time by logging into the parent portal.

After our open registration period closes, we will be uploading all applications into Lotterease. At that time, you will receive emails from the school via Lotterease that an account has been created for you and your child(ren) and that they were entered into the lottery.

Enrollment Lottery

​​Should the number of applicants exceed the capacity of a program, class, grade level, non-graded education grouping, or building, students must be accepted by lottery, as specified in federal or state guidelines.

Please be advised that if you falsify any information during registration or enrollment, your child’s application will be null and void, and admittance will be revoked. Any applications found to be falsified will be placed at the bottom of the waitlist.

Watch the video to see how this process works. 

Come See Us!

Families of prospective students will have the opportunity to come and connect with us each week. Beginning in the Spring of 2024, the school will have tours each Thursday from 2p - 3p. Families must contact the enrollment office using the form to register for a tour. If this time does not work with you, please reach out - using the form below - to discuss alternative dates. We look forward to meeting with your family!

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Contact Our
Enrollment Office

We can't wait to speak with you!

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