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Our Students, whom we call STARs, are the most important piece of any operation on campus. Our STARs are supported with a robust array of services for academic support, artistic support, social & emotional well-being, nutrition, and so much more. The overall success of our STARs hinges on what the school provides to thrust them into success. Students are encouraged to explore and experience the world - as a scholar, artists, and individuals devoted to their local community.





Our STARs are

Scholarly, Talented, Accomplished, & Resilient.

Clubs & Activities

Students are provided with clubs and activities to support learning acquisition and help develop age-appropriate social skills. Many of our on-campus clubs are student created to ensure programming aligns with the needs and wants of our student population. 

Family activities are included as well. Our school support families spending time together and creating a life-long bond. The school hosts family and community events, family resource nights, and family outings.

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Before & After School

ARTScope is a program dedicated to the mission of arts education and the idea that children excel and perform better with involvement in the arts. ARTScope is unique because the program operates as a before- and after-school program during the academic year and a conservatory during the summer months.


Students will receive curricular enrichment in Mathematics, English Language Arts, Computer Literacy, Science, Music, Visual Art, Dance, and Drama.


Guidance Counselors assist students with academic planning & support, college and career readiness, and support the school community by providing character education. Counselors assist with course scheduling, understanding graduation requirements, and college and scholarship searches. Counseling services go beyond traditional expectations, with these services available to all enrolled students.

  • Provide Character Development Training 

  • Provide Access to College & Career Readiness Material

  • Support Academic Progress & Graduation Planning

  • Provide Comprehensive Support for the Academic Program 

  • Prepare students for life after Arts Prep

  • Engage with College, Career, & Military Organizations

Readiness Assessments

Counselors understand the impact of testing and test scores on college admissions, industry credentialing, and other areas pertaining to students’ postsecondary plans and goals. Counselors assist in preparing for standardized tests by promoting opportunities designed to increase knowledge and improve test-taking skills. 

College & Career Planning

Counselors help prepare and direct students toward resources to explore options for the future. Counselors aid students in applying for scholarships, financial aid, and securing school financing.

Academic & Artistic
Honor Socities

Being selected for an Honor Society shows that you are among the best students in your class - in terms of academics, leadership, service, and character. College admissions committees like to see anything that sets you apart as a top student, and this is one of them.

Wellness Initiatives

The overall wellness of each individual rests on the fact that our school is a Place of Love & Service.


The School helps all students in coordination with local health professionals and follows the guidelines for school health set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

For students with chronic health conditions, the school works with the family and healthcare providers to aid in the daily management of any medical conditions. Every school staff member is First Aid & CPR trained for infants and adults. Each room is equipped with a first aid kit, and the school has an AED device for any cardiac emergencies on campus. 


Social & Emotional Health

Students receive instruction in Karate for self-defense and Yoga to unplug from stressors, supporting social and emotional health. 


Multiple Brain Breaks

Students receive one hour for lunch including recess, in addition to a daily brain break or enrichment period. 


Nutritious Meals & Snacks

Fine Arts Preparatory School offers balanced meal options for students and provides meals with fresh, locally grown produce in a family-style setting.

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