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School Transparency

Fine Arts Preparatory School is committed to fostering a culture of transparency and openness in all aspects of our operations. We believe that transparency is essential to building trust and strong relationships within our school community. By providing clear and accessible information about our policies, programs, and decision-making processes, we empower our students, parents, staff, and stakeholders to make informed choices and actively participate in shaping the school's future. Transparency reinforces our dedication to accountability, fairness, and continuous improvement, ensuring that Fine Arts Preparatory School remains a beacon of educational excellence and community collaboration.

School Report Card

Safety & Security

These reports outline any safety drill and/or training the school has conducted. We prioritize safety and maintain transparency by conducting regular safety drills and training sessions to ensure the well-being of our students and staff.

Financial Data

The school reports financial data as required by South Carolina law and our school's goal or transparent operations. We are committed to fiscal transparency, ensuring responsible financial management for the benefit of our school community.

School Report

Our annual report provides a comprehensive overview achievements, progress, and financial performance for the school community during a particular calendar year.

Reimbursement Log

The reimbursement log offers transparent documentation of expenses and reimbursements, upholding accountability in financial matters at Fine Arts Preparatory School.

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