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School Policy Manual

These policies represent the official positions of the Board. Federal, State, and local statutes drive the legal basis for these policies and regulations. Various other publications such as the Community Handbook, Personnel Handbook, Student Code of Conduct, Policies and Procedures Manual for Special Education in South Carolina, South Carolina State Funding Manual, and the School Laws and Board Regulations of the South Carolina Department of Education serve as companion documents to this School Policy Manual and are useful tools for more regulatory detail.

Definition of Terms

  • Policy - Formally adopted position of the Board concerning a particular issue or circumstance.

  • Processes/Procedures - Designed by the administration to implement a policy. 

  • Legal Reference - Federal and state statutes.

  • Cross Reference - References to other policies or regulations.

  • Descriptor - A specific code assigned to policies, processes, forms, and notices.

Quick Links

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This DRAFT manual codifies the official policies of the Board of Trustees and includes the administrative processes associated with selected policies. School policies state positions adopted by the Board in order to provide direction, control, and/or management of its legal functions. The goals for all policies are to present clear, concise, and distinct directives to the Board’s staff and to serve as a primary communication tool with the general public with specific attention to students,  and their parents/guardians.

Administrative procedures are developed by the administration to guide and direct the implementation of Board policy. The Adoption of new policies or revision of existing policies is solely the responsibility of the Board. Proposals for new policies or revisions to current policies may be submitted in writing by any interested stakeholder, school personnel, or member of the Board. Proposals shall be submitted to the Executive Director for referral to the Board.

It is the obligation of all personnel to familiarize themselves with and follow Board policies and administrative processes.

Public Notice

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